26 Sep 2013

Cook Islands Government confirms problems with water mains project

6:13 am on 26 September 2013

The Cook Islands Government has confirmed that houses in Tupapa village have leaks after new mains were connected to their properties.

The contracting company, Landholdings, warned the ministry that the project to lay new mains under 25 kilometres of road would cause leaks and burst pipes due to the new pressure, and the old plumbing in houses.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Mac Mokoroa, confirmed there were leaks and that the ministry is working on a plan to subsidise those who require help.

He says it would be best for the individual families to upgrade their own internal systems.

Earlier this month the Minister, Teariki Heather, said there would be no assistance for homes and each property had to pay for their own upgrades.

The Minister had disagreed there was a problem, despite Mr Mokoroa suggesting there were oversights in the planning process.