30 Sep 2013

American Samoa remembers 2009 tsunami

4:07 pm on 30 September 2013

About 100 floating lanterns will be released at sunset in American Samoa tonight to mark the fourth anniversary of the 2009 tsunami that killed 34 people in the territory.

Because the anniversary falls on a Sunday, church services territory-wide include remembrance of those whose lives were taken that day.

The American Samoa governor, Lolo Matalasi Moliga, says the series of tsunami waves which hit the territory four years ago, not only indiscriminately destroyed property, but devastated hearts and souls of residents with grief for the 34 lives that were forever swept away from this life.

He says a lesson learned from the tsunami is the resilience and the power of the human spirit and the power to overcome pain and suffering.

He also says that this is a reminder for people to be in constant state of preparedness and to remain vigilant.