2 Oct 2013

Solomons NGO wants Govt to do more to stop party-hopping

6:21 am on 2 October 2013

The chairperson of Transparency Solomon Islands says the Political Parties Integrity bill being considered by MPs needs to go further towards eradicating party-hopping.

Ruth Liloqula says political reform is essential in Solomon Islands because for years, prime ministers have typically focussed more on maintaining their numbers in parliament than on serving the interests of the people.

Ms Liloqula believes the intensive post-election lobbying between MPs over who forms government runs contrary to democracy.

She says individual MPs have the ability to make or break a government by selling their allegiances, and this needs to change.

"If you can come up with a legislation, at least in the Political Parties Integrity bill, to say something like when you stand for an election, you stand on if you decide to be no longer a party line, then maybe you should lose your seat."

The chairperson of Transparency Solomon Islands, Ruth Liloqula.