2 Oct 2013

Solomons watchdog says MPs should not be allowed to sell allegiances

10:44 am on 2 October 2013

The chairperson of Transparency Solomon Islands says that candidates who stand as independents should be disallowed to form a political party after being elected as an MP.

Ruth Liloqula says that for years, prime ministers have typically focused more on maintaining numbers in parliament than on serving the national interests.

Ms Liloqula believes post-election lobbying between MPs over who forms government, often involving business interests, is undemocratic.

She says MPs should not be allowed to sell their allegiances.

"There are those who stood on party lines but a number of them they don't stand on party lines, they're individuals. For this group to be allowed to form a political party after the election - I think that is the main problem that we have. And they are the ones who can make or break governments."

Ruth Liloqula says the Political Parties Integrity bill being considered by MPs needs to take this into acocount.