2 Oct 2013

Federally funded staff told to stay home in American Samoa

3:19 pm on 2 October 2013

Government employees in American Samoa whose salaries are funded with federal grants have been instructed to stay home from tomorrow in the wake of the federal government shutdown.

Governor Lolo Moliga has ordered the shutdown of all non-essential operations of the government which are federally funded.

There are around 1,900 federally funded positions in the American Samoa government.

The shutdown will remain in effect until the impasse at the U.S. Congress is broken and the order lifted by the US president.

Some services have been exempted by the President, which means the LBJ Hospital, the American Samoa community College and Department of Education will stay open.

Based on federal policy, workers won't receive pay for hours not worked due to the shutdown.

The governor says the shutdown is regrettable but the government can't jeopardize its financial integrity at the onset of the new fiscal year.