2 Oct 2013

Reports that same-sex marriages being performed in Vanuatu

4:20 pm on 2 October 2013

The Vanuatu Christian Council of Churches says it will look into reports that gay marriage, which is prohibited under the constitution, is being performed on the small island of Iririki off Port Vila.

The Council's secretary general, Pastor Shem Temar, says they have received complaints that two same-sex marriages between couples from Australia have recently been performed at Iririki Islands Resort.

Pastor Temar says the council is preparing to raise the issue with government officials.

"I believe for the churches to rise against this is a constitutional duty and that is why the churches really stand against this. This country is seen as a Christian country and the churches want to maintain that."

Pastor Shem Temar.

It's been reported that a Caucasian man has conducted the ceremonies after local pastors refused to bless the marriages.

The general manager of the resort has denied the allegations.