2 Oct 2013

Former commissioner's age would not have ruled him out: Solomons GG

7:56 pm on 2 October 2013

A spokesperson for the Solomon Islands governor general says the age of a former police commissioner who was recently shortlisted for the job would not have barred him from selection.

Frank Short, from Britain, is reported to have been the police and prison service commission's first recommendation for the top post but the prime minister instead appointed a local senior police officer Peter Aoraunisaka.

Local media have reported a cabinet minister as saying the fact that Mr Short is over 55 - the age limit for public office - ruled him out of getting the job.

But the governor general's deputy private secretary, Rawcliffe Ziza, says that is not the case.

"We only look at specifically on the, at the requirement of the constitution only but the constitution does allow for non- citizens even if they are over the age of 55."

Rawcliffe Ziza says Peter Aoraunisaka also exceeds the age limit but he is a citizen, which is why the prime minister must consult the attorney general over his appointment.