3 Oct 2013

Open letter to Hollande in support of French Polynesia's nuclear test victims

4:11 pm on 3 October 2013

French Polynesia's nuclear test veterans organisation has expressed its dismay about the nature of the compensation law for those suffering poor health because of exposure to radiation.

Moruroa e tatou has sent an open letter about its concerns to the French president, Francois Hollande, reminding him of his pre-election promise to amend the 2010 law.

It points out that 98 percent of the applications filed by the test victims have been thrown out, suggesting that the effect of that on many families appears to be taboo for France.

Moruroa e tatou has asked if France wants to wait for action until all victims have died.

The group has also restated its dismay at last June's sacking of Bruno Barrillot, who headed the territory's body concerned with the aftermath of the French nuclear weapons tests.

Mr Barrillot, who is an acclaimed French authority in his field, was sacked by the French Polynesian government after what test veterans believe was a political decision taken at a high level.