4 Oct 2013

Fiji's switch to digital TV must be fair, says broadcaster

2:37 pm on 4 October 2013

Fiji's Mai TV says more consultation on the switch from analog to digital television transmission is needed to ensure a level playing field for all broadcasters in Fiji.

Fiji Television had to apologise to the government after it announced its plan to convert to digital transmission, without first consulting the government.

The Acting Prime Minister, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, has said the switch must be driven by government, so that all broadcasters have equal access to a shared infrastructure that will give them the same network coverage and quality.

The managing director of Mai TV, Richard Broadbridge, says the platform should be for all television broadcasters in Fiji.

"Our view is that we should all be somehow owners of a platform - that no particular broadcaster should own the platform. And more consultation needs to take place to ensure that we are all given equal access. Our worry is that in the end it will be unfair to the viewer to have different types of technology in the home."

Richard Broadbridge.