7 Oct 2013

PNG Government to build houses, after freeing up customary land

11:13 am on 7 October 2013

The Papua New Guinea Government says it will build 40 thousand affordable houses for Papua New Guineans across the country.

The National Planning and Monitoring Minister Charles Abel announced the cabinet decision in a conference on Friday.

He says the country is facing housing problems, and it's time the Government stepped in to assist low-income earners by building houses at affordable rates.

Mr Abel says $52.8 million US dollars will be made available for the program in the 2014 budget and part of the money will be used to build institutional houses.

Mr Abel says some of the money will go towards a land mobilization process, which will include customary land mobilization reform.

He says customary land that is already alienated but not accessible will be made accessible.

A committee will start work next year to find and free up land in Port Moresby for the houses.