7 Oct 2013

AG office says work permit abuse under control in American Samoa

6:23 am on 7 October 2013

American Samoa's acting attorney general Salo Ale does NOT believe the number of foreigners who are abusing their work permits is getting out of hand.

The Department of Agriculture is concerned about the rapid growth of local farming being controlled by Asian farmers, because they're not sure if they are using approved pesticides.

The Department's deputy director Pete Gurr says some foreigners are moving into occupations outside the parameters of their work permit such as farming, and would like Immigration officials to do more to police it.

But Salo Ale says they are doing what they can.

"The Immigration Office in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Public Safety are doing what needs to be done to enforce the laws. I don't think it's out of control but it's something that needs constant attention."

Salo Ale says sometimes people don't report a change in their job status as they're meant to and it's difficult to track people down in rural areas.