7 Oct 2013

More willingness to report may be behind higher PNG sex crime figures

4:50 pm on 7 October 2013

The police in Papua New Guinea's second largest city say an increase in the number of reported sex crimes against minors could be a reflection of better reporting by the public.

The police chief at the Lae metropolitan command, Superintendent Iven Lakatani says their records show at least one reported case of sexual violence against a minor each day for the past three weeks.

He says police are yet to determine the cause of the increase but says campaigns against sexual violence could be part of the reason.

"There's some awareness and people are coming to understand the importance of having to report such matters. Those perpetrators can be dealt with by law so that may reduce the frequency or the level of crimes that are committed in the communities."

Iven Lakatani says police are still investigating the reported cases, which mostly involve girls under the age of 15.