8 Oct 2013

Call for Vanuatu to have its own diving instructors with local knowledge

4:14 pm on 8 October 2013

A worldwide diving group says Vanuatu should have its own professional diving instructors due to their unique knowledge of their own waters.

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors, or PADI, says the profession is growing thanks to the increase of tourism in the country.

The Development Manager and Instructor for Asia and Pacific, Colin Melrose, says Vanuatu needs to have local diving instructors because of their knowledge of the marine environment, culture and traditions.

Mr Melrose spoke at the graduation of of four new ni-Vanuatu professional instructors, which brought the number of local instructors to nine.

He says many visitors come to Vanuatu to dive, and the best diving sites have yet to be discovered.

"It's important to have local people involved in it and they do a fine job of teaching and of guiding divers. The guys that I've been working with on this programme are very very competent as divers and as educators."

Colin Melrose.