9 Oct 2013

American Samoa orders federal employees back to work

6:24 am on 9 October 2013

American Samoa's governor Lolo Moliga has ordered all government workers who have been directed to stay home since the beginning of the month due to the government shutdown to return to work.

The governor held a meeting with directors whose departments and employees are funded with federal grants yesterday afternoon where he gave his decision.

At the meeting the acting treasurer, Ueli Tonumaipea, gave a presentation on available funding to cover wages of the workers affected.

The director of Human Resources, Sonny Thompson, made this announcement on local radio.

"The Honorable Governor has authorised me to make an announcement that all employees within the American Samoa government who are paid by the federal grants [that] you are to report to your place of duty, or work, effective tomorrow morning [Tuesday American Samoa time] until further notice."

Mr Thompson says there are 1,696 workers in the American Samoa government whose salaries are paid with federal grants.