8 Oct 2013

Australia immigration minister visits Nauru detention camps

5:15 pm on 8 October 2013

Australia's immigration minister, Scott Morrison, has flown to Nauru for his first visit since the election.

He is expected to spend several hours in the three camps now being used to house the more than 800 asylum seekers Australia has sent to the island.

Mr Morrison is also visiting Nauru's only hospital, part of which was destroyed in a fire in August.

The state of the hospital is likely to be a critical issue with Australia now sending family groups to Nauru - there are more than 60 children on the island.

One of the women is pregnant and the Sydney Morning Herald reports she is expecting twins.

The paper says there is no proof that conditions for mothers and babies are adequate in an environment where detainees live in tents in temperatures of 40 degrees celsius and above.