9 Oct 2013

Fiji democrats urge foreign governments to read up on 'flawed' constitution

2:48 pm on 9 October 2013

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji says overseas governments have taken a wrong turn over the constitution and they should study new independent analysis which shows it is fundamentally flawed.

The group of unions and political parties says expert analysis done for the Citizens' Constitutional Forum is a devastating condemnation of the constitution.

The group says New Zealand, Australia and the UN, the European Union and Commonwealth are keen to embrace the regime's elections plans but have ignored the constitution's flaws.

Dr Tupeni Baba, who is a member of the Sodelpa Party, says New Zealand and Australia should take the lead in bringing about changes before the regime's end-of-year deadline.

"They should have a look at the concentration of powers and the comment also of that independent analysis says that an election under such a constitution cannot meet the international yardstick."

Dr Tupeni Baba of Fiji's Sodelpa Party.