9 Oct 2013

Fiji Media Authority extends controls to PR and communications

2:46 pm on 9 October 2013

Fiji's Media Industry Development Authority says foreign agencies planning to conduct media training in Fiji have to seek approval from the media body.

It says media registration also applies to freelance journalists, communication officers, public relation officers and correspondents.

The Authority's chair, Ashwin Raj, says certain protocols and principles need to be upheld on matters such as media freedom, democracy and human rights.

Mr Raj has told local journalists that the Authority is tasked with advancing the work of media in building a culture of deep democracy in Fiji, to promote cohesiveness and foster mutual understanding and critical thinking.

He says it is apparent from numerous complaints to the Authority that the media industry and journalists have not taken cognizance of the Media Industry Development Decree 2010.

Since 2009, foreign journalists wishing to enter Fiji need clearance from the Information Ministry and the immigration authorities.