10 Oct 2013

Growing relationships with Asia paying dividends for Fiji

2:47 pm on 10 October 2013

An Investment Fiji board member says the hard work that's been done by the government to develop relationships especially with Asia has led to an upturn in overseas investment inquiries.

Robert Lowres says in the past six months in particular, there's been a significant growth in investment inquiries which range from tourism projects to agriculture.

He says there's a strong influence from Asia, particularly China, Malaysia, Korea, and Taiwan.

Mr Lowres, who is managing one of the largest developments in Fiji, the Naisoso Island project, says elections scheduled for next year are a factor.

"That's certainly a catalyst but I also think that the hard work that has been done by the current government to develop relationships particularly in Asia is what's now bearing fruit."

Robert Lowres says while there is an enthusiasm to engage growth and change, the system hasn't caught up with the desire as Fiji suffers from a lack of good middle management and well trained staff.