10 Oct 2013

Port Moresby police chief warns about scamming threat

4:38 pm on 10 October 2013

The police commander in the National Capital District in Papua New Guinea has warned that scammers are operating in the country.

Commander Andy Bawa says those being targetted are low income earners, security guards and self employed people.

He says they are told to deposit sums of between 19 and 38 US dollars with promises that they will reap returns of 500 percent from their investments.

He says often the scammers pretend to be either officials or politicians.

"They are very good in changing their voices and some of those, especially the victims, believe the people who are calling them are the real ones because the scammers can change the tone of their voices."

Commander Bawa says he believes the scammers are working with people in government departments who are providing them with information about local officials and MPs.

He says a number of complaints have been filed with police and they have had some good results with three people arrested.

That group is now before the courts.