11 Oct 2013

New company to construct American Samoa airport road after revoke

9:37 am on 11 October 2013

The construction company McConnell Dowell is now in negotiations with the American Samoa Government for the construction of the multi-million dollar airport road job, after another company awarded the contract posted fake figures.

The project had been awarded to Whitehorn Construction last year, but the performance bonds posted by the company were found to be incorrect, prompting the Government to revoke the contract.

McConnel Dowell was the only other bidder for the project.

Now the Federal Highway Administration, which is funding the job, has given the green light to the American Samoa Government to begin negotiations with McConnell to do the job.

The division administrator for the Federal Highway Administration Office in Hawaii, Abraham Wong, wrote to the Governor saying they recognise the need to promptly resume construction of the road.

Mr Wong says it's more cost effective for the American Samoa Government and its economy to restore the major route so that the traveling public can transverse the dilapidated roadway safely.