14 Oct 2013

Fiji media need to be more responsible, says new authority chair

6:42 am on 14 October 2013

The new chairman of Fiji's Media Industry Development Authority says the notion of media freedom can't be misinterpreted as a romantic notion without responsibility.

Ashwin Raj, who is an academic appointed to the role recently, says the authority has not been prominent enough and he will soon ask anyone involved in communications to be registered.

Mr Raj says he recently had an issue with a newspaper reporting that a politician had complained he had no access to the voting register, when the judiciary had made it clear the politician did have access.

He says it would not have taken much of an effort for the paper to ask the judiciary for a comment.

"The point is that one needs to be a lot more responsible. I think the whole romantic notion of freedom and unrestricted freedom without any sense of responsibility is something which is deeply problematic."

The new chairman of the Fiji Media Industry Development Authority Ashwin Raj.