14 Oct 2013

West Papuan asylum seekers being moved to remote PNG camp

2:54 pm on 14 October 2013

Six West Papuans who had sought asylum in Australia but were moved from Queensland to Papua New Guinea by Australian authorities, have now been taken to a remote part of Western Province, near the Indonesian border.

The six, who were human rights activists, say they had fled Indonesia when security officials began searching for them after their involvement with the Freedom Flotilla from Australia.

They are being moved tomorrow to the East Awin camp about 50 kilometres from Kiunga.

A spokesperson for the Freedom Flotilla, Ruben Blake, says the camp at East Awin is long established and the people already there are in a desperate state.

"Got a terrible rate of malaria in that camp. There is no UNHCR support there any longer and the people that live there are basically not free to leave and travel around other parts of PNG, and it is an incredibily remote area of PNG."

Ruben Blake says one of the West Papuan group has been allowed to stay in Port Moresby because she was born in PNG.