14 Oct 2013

No money yet for enforcement of marine protection in Solomons

7:34 pm on 14 October 2013

A lawyer involved in helping four communities in Solomon Islands' Western Province get legislated marine protection says now they need the money to enforce it.

Saeraghi, Sepo Islands, Koquvalata and Nusatuva are the first places in the country to apply for registration of their Marine Protected Areas under the new Protected Areas Act.

An Australian volunteer with the Public Solicitor's Office, Katrina Moore, says if the applications are successful, the communities will be entitled to appoint a ranger.

"I think that's going to be a big problem. I mean, we're saying to the communities, 'You can appoint a ranger and the ministry can appoint an inspector but we don't know how we're going to fund that.' I don't know how we're going to fund the training, I don't know how we'll fund these rangers to have a salary."

Katrina Moore says one of the options being considered is establishing an eco-lodge to fund the marine protection.