15 Oct 2013

New Caledonia greens accuse Lurin accuse of doublespeak over environment

11:06 am on 15 October 2013

Environmental groups in New Caledonia have accused France's overseas territories minister of doublespeak over the environment

after giving the green light to a new coal-fired power plant in New Caledonia's capital.

Environmentalists had called for other sources of energy to be used at the SLN facility, but the minister, Victorin Lurel, says coal is the most economical and efficient source.

The group Ensemble pour la Planete says the state is being schizophrenic, flouting promises and not respecting its commitments over climate change and biodiversity protection.

The recent commissioning of two other coal-fired metal factories in the territory has made New Caledonia one of the world's largest per capita emitters of carbon dioxide.