15 Oct 2013

Former PNG minister pleads not guilty to corruption charges

11:02 am on 15 October 2013

A former Papua New Guinea Minister and Pomio MP, Paul Tiensten, has pleaded not guilty to corruption charges in relation to the rehabilitation of a plantation in his province.

He pleaded guilty to all three counts of official corruption, obtaining goods by false pretence and misappropriation in relation to the 1.3 million US dollars initially earmarked for the Karlai Plantation in East Pomio.

Mr Tiensten will appear again in court on Tuesday.

The court heard in November 2009 Mr Tiensten, who was then Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, had allegedly conferred the sum on Tol Port Services Limited and other offences were committed.

The state has alleged that there was no rehabilitation of Karlai Plantation.

A total of 16 witnesses will be called to give evidence on the matter during the trial proceedings.