16 Oct 2013

American Samoa tuna plant on target

11:41 am on 16 October 2013

The President of Tri Marine International says he is pleased with the progress he has seen at the Samoa Tuna Processors plant at Atuu in American Samoa.

Renato Curto, who was in the territory to check on the status of the project, says construction at the plant is right on target and he is happy to see people already working.

Tri Marine is exporting fresh fish to Hawaii, the United States mainland and Japan.

Mr Curto says early next year the frozen fish processing facility is expected to be completed, while the full cannery is targeted to be up and running by the end of next year.

"The schedule that we have established for ourselves has been followed religiously. Unfortunately we started a bit later because of the sea wall. We didn't want and we could not start building the construction of the new cannery unless we had resolved the issue of the sea wall because the cannery that we had designed doesn't fit in the land that we have so we needed to have some land to reclaim and we did that."

Renato Curto says so far 75 people are employed at the plant, and early next year another 20 people will be hired.