16 Oct 2013

Honolulu conference to help find solutions for tsunami marine debris

2:57 pm on 16 October 2013

Ways to deal with tsunami debris on the Hawai'ian coast will be discussed at the Pacific Rim Marine Debris conference in Honolulu next week.

Environment experts, community members and government officials will attend the conference about the long term effects of the devastating 2011 tsunami in Japan and possible solutions after future disasters.

The Director of Hawai'i's Ocean Law and Policy Institute of the Pacific Forum, Linda Paul, says the conference will also look at quicker ways to respond to marine debris.

"At the last 2011 earthquake in Japan there was about a year's worth of marine debris injected into the ocean in the course of about four hours and we received a phone call from a boating person saying 'why aren't you guys picking this up? be easier to pick this up now than later'."

Linda Paul says this was the incentive for the conference and she hopes it will help all Pacific Rim countries plan responses for future events.