16 Oct 2013

NZ govt keen to impart expertise that helps in Papua

9:36 pm on 16 October 2013

The New Zealand foreign minister, Murray McCully, says his government wants to encourage police and others in authority in the Papua region of Indonesia to understand good commmunity policing initiatives.

He says that is why New Zealand has committed to a five million US dollar community policing programme over the next 3 years in the region.

The move has been criticised with the Green Party saying New Zealand should instead put resources into facilitating dialogue between the West Papuans and Jakarta.

But Mr McCully says community policing is one of the best things that New Zealand can do to help.

"The whole basis of community policing is training people to be able to use their authority in a way that is going to engender respect from the locals. It is precisely the expertise that New Zealand imparts through the community policing project."