18 Oct 2013

Tri Marine looking to invest more broadly in American Samoa

8:09 am on 18 October 2013

Tri Marine International has signalled it will invest more broadly in American Samoa, saying it's concerned that some of its workers have sub-standard housing.

The company has taken over the old Samoa Packing tuna cannery in Atu'u and is investing more than sixty million dollars in new cannery facilities.

The chairman and president of the company, Renato Curto, says the company is looking at other opportunities to invest in and help the Territory.

Mr Curto has made a personal pledge of half a million dollars in the planned Community Bank of American Samoa and a company investment is also being considered.

He says Tri Marine is also looking at housing for his workers.

"We have difficulties in having housing for the people who work regularly for us so we would like to either build a building in a place where there is a suitable area or perhaps find somebody who wants to build the building because we are not locals, we cannot own property, we understand that."

Renato Curto says the old Rainmaker Hotel has caught his eye and the company may invest in it.