22 Oct 2013

More crosstalk on US military build-up says Guam office director

5:15 am on 22 October 2013

The director of Guam's military build-up office Mark Calvo says there is more crosstalk now before decisions are made.

The public on Guam and in the Northern Marianas have until December to comment on a US proposal to double the size of the ocean area used for training and weapons testing.

Mr Calvo says there is far more comprehensive discussion between the different branches of the defence force - army, navy, marines and airforce - before one of the branches makes a unilateral decision.

But he says there is also more crosstalk between the community, the defence department and the governments of Guam, the US and Japan.

"And this crosstalk has allowed some changes and thankfully some deeper thought about unilateral decisions to move troops in and around this area."

The director of Guam's military build-up office Mark Calvo.