22 Oct 2013

Nauru people in dark over Canberra-run camps, says MP

4:11 pm on 22 October 2013

A Nauru opposition MP says the government has to tell the people what is happening at the refugee detention camps on the island.

It is believed there are more than 800 people housed in tents in the Australian-run camps.

But the Nauru government, which is officially in charge, will not say how many they are housing, nor how many have been found to be refugees.

MP Roland Kun says there is also not enough information on the administration of the camps or how the government proposes to handle the growing pressures given the limitations of the small island.

"There has not been enough parliament sittings in order that parliament can raise the questions and [so that] the public will benefit from the answers. So there is just not enough information going out."

Nauru MP Roland Kun.