22 Oct 2013

Canberra's detention centres impact on Nauru services

9:25 pm on 22 October 2013

The three Australian-run asylum seeker detention camps on Nauru are having a significant impact on services on the island.

The opposition MP, Roland Kun, says the government is withholding information about the camp and its inhabitants from the Nauruan people.

Mr Kun says the island is experiencing both positive and negative impacts.

He says the power outages Nauru has experienced for years have got worse, despite the camps having their own generators.

And Mr Kun says this is happening amid an economic upsurge.

"There is greater employment and there is great economic activity but of course beyond that there are other issues that have not crystallised as quickly, unfortunately, because of the fact there is the economic upside which may blur the other issues, such as waste management, and just access to services for the larger population."

A Nauru opposition MP, Roland Kun,