23 Oct 2013

Pitcairn Island to see an increase in cruise ship tourism

5:24 am on 23 October 2013

The Pitcairn Tourism Coordinator says the island is growing in popularity as a stop for cruise liners.

Heather Menzies says Pitcairn Island has always been a place of interest, as all descendents come from the mutineers of the Bounty, but there are many other aspects of the island that lure tourists.

She says cruise ships send tourists on smaller boats, or if the weather does not permit, groups from the island come out to the liner to set up a market and stalls.

The population has dropped in recent years to under 50 and Heather Menzies says she is encouraging former residents to return, and tourists to visit.

"We're looking at around 15 to 16 cruise ships already booked for the 2013-2014 period. We anticipate that the number will be around that and a little more for 2015. We're already getting enquiries from the cruise ship companies around booking a visit to the island. So the numbers are steadily starting to increase, which of course is very important for the local economy as well."

The Pitcairn Tourism Coordinator, Heather Menzies.