24 Oct 2013

American Samoa's CJ asks why people convicted of theft still work in Govt

11:16 am on 24 October 2013

The American Samoa Chief Justice Michael Kruse has asked why people convicted of stealing are still working for the American Samoa Government.

Speaking during the sentencing of a school administrator he says it seems stealing is no longer a sin in the territory because a parade of people have been brought into court charged with theft.

He said the law prohibits people convicted of felonies form working in the government but this seems to be widely overlooked.

He said people convicted of stealing get the sense they are immune to the consequences of the crime.

The Chief Justice was sentencing a former administrator for Samoana High School, Lizza Na'otala, who was convicted of stealing 2200 dollars from the school's Parent Teacher Association.

She is still employed at the Department of Education at another school.

Na'otala has now being jailed for six months and placed on probation for 7 years.