28 Oct 2013

Guam women gear up to educate about troop-related violence

6:31 am on 28 October 2013

Women's groups in Guam are gearing up to educate women and girls about the looming transfer of thousands of US troops to the territory from their present base in Japan,

The US territory's minister responsible for women's affairs, Judith Won Pat, says the transfer is seen as a threat to the safety of women and girls.

Judith Won Pat says interest groups are thankful for the slowdown in the buildup of troops on Guam because it gives them more time to prepare following on from Okinawa's experience.

She says there hundreds of cases went unresolved.

"Because there has been a lot of violence against women, acts being taken against young girls in particular, so we wanted to make sure that that is an issue that should be addressed by the military, by Congress and even the people of Guam."

Judith Won Pat says increasing alcohol use is also contributing to increasing rates of abuse by local men.