28 Oct 2013

Cooks new harbour in Mauke reduces cargo ship accidents

6:31 am on 28 October 2013

The mayor of Mauke in the Cook Islands says there has been a decline in shipping accidents since the opening of the new harbour on the island.

The four million dollar reconstruction project, which also included a new harbour in Mitiaro, was funded by the New Zealand Aid programme and was completed in May.

The Mayor of the outer island of Mauke, George Samuela says cargo ships deliver goods from Rarotonga to Mauke up to twice a month and since the new harbour was opened, off loading cargo has improved a lot.

He says accidents are now rare.

"It really depends on the weather. When the sea is calm, it's alright, we don't have it. But when the sea's rough, then yes we've got quite a few, in fact, two, three, four, sometimes five accidents... loads of cargo gets swamped by the waves."

George Samuelu, the mayor of Mauke in the Cook Islands.