28 Oct 2013

Calls for updated survey on obesity and diabetes in American Samoa

10:38 am on 28 October 2013

There have been calls in American Samoa for the World Health Organisation to follow up its chronic disease survey almost a decade ago, to get more recent data on non-communicable diseases.

American Samoa's population has been labeled one of the most obese in the world, as well as having an alarmingly high rate of diabetes within the Pacific region.

The last survey by WHO, in conjunction with the American Samoa Department of Health, was in 2004, and found 47.3 percent of the population is diabetic and 93.5 percent is overweight or obese.

A total of 2,072 adults participated in that survey.

Dr Ezekiel Nukuro,with the WHO Pacific Office based in Fiji, says there are already preparations for the next survey to be implemented next year.

"This time we'll be looking also at collaboration with the clinical side as well because the data that comes out of the survey needs to be checked against the clinical statistics that we have in the hospital."

Dr Ezekiel Nukuro.