28 Oct 2013

American Samoa government upset at lack of support for planned tax

4:23 pm on 28 October 2013

The American Samoa government treasurer claims the chairman of the chamber of commerce has tried to pre-empt discussion on plans for a gross receipt tax.

The government wants a GRT that will impose a five percent tax on all gross receipts for all businesses and non profit organisations, except religious groups.

The treasurer, Dr. Falema'o Pili, says the chamber chair, David Robinson, has taken a very unfair position on the proposal.

Dr Pili says Mr Robinson should have allowed the membership to express themselves at a recent meeting on the matter, but instead he tried to pre-empt the entire GRT presentation.

But Mr Robinson says he had met with the treasurer two days before his presentation to the chamber and advised him then that members did not like it and that that remains their view.