28 Oct 2013

Fiji says no sign of Australian conman in country

8:10 pm on 28 October 2013

Fiji's Ministry of Information says immigration officials have not recorded the entry of Australian conman Peter Foster into the country.

This comes after Foster reportedly told Australia's Sunday Mail he had left Australia using a false passport and was seeking a Fiji protection visa.

The paper says on Thursday Foster was sentenced to three years' jail on two charges of contempt of court relating to his involvement in a scam.

Foster had also revealed plans to meet the Fiji leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama to sort out an arrangement for permanent asylum.

Six years ago, he was sentenced to two months in jail in Vanuatu for entering that country without a valid visa after skipping bail in Fiji where he was facing fraud charges.

The Fiji information office says Foster is wanted in Fiji for charges relating to an illegally obtained work permit.

It says if he is in the country, he will be apprehended and the charges reactivated.