29 Oct 2013

Businessman in Vanuatu accused of exacting payments from PM

5:24 am on 29 October 2013

Opposition members of Vanuatu's Parliament claim a sandalwood exporter is trying to obtain defamation payments from the Prime Minister without taking him to court.

The Daily Post reports MP Willie Jimmy has accused Jonathan Naupa of demanding that Moana Carcasses pay ten million US dollars in an out-of-court settlement.

Mr Jimmy calls it day light robbery and a clear example of corruption.

He says it's not possible to make such a claim without first going to court.

The opposition spokesperson, Jeff Patunvanu, says it is an attempt to force the Prime Minister to agree to pay the claim in the same way he has reportedly paid three earlier claimants.

Mr Naupa says his reputation was damaged by the acting director of forests, Hannington Tate, who Mr Naupa claims has been misleading his clients.

Mr Tate denies the claims.