29 Oct 2013

Solomons provincial premier urges others to take stand against corruption

4:24 pm on 29 October 2013

The premier of Solomon Islands' Temotu province says he hopes other leaders will follow his example by exposing corruption in the logging industry.

Father Charles Brown Beu alleges a Malaysian logging company offered him a bribe while he was boarding a plane in Honiara this month.

"One of the directors from the company arrived and offered me an envelope and I asked what was in the envelope and he said 'this envelope contains a map and a letter from the Ministry of Forestry giving us - the company that is - permission to land machines on Vanikoro."

Father Brown Beu says he later opened the envelope to discover it contained 3,000 Solomon Islands dollars, which he has handed to the police.

He also says he is not satisfied the letter was written by the ministry as there was no official stamp.

Father Brown Beu says officials who accept bribes do so at the expense of their people and their resources.