30 Oct 2013

Vanuatu newspaper passes major milestone

8:03 am on 30 October 2013

The publisher and founder of Vanuatu's only daily newspaper, the Daily Post, says the publication has always acted responsibly in its reporting.

The comment from Marc Neil-Jones comes after the publication's 4000th issue was printed.

Mr Neil Jones says that over the publication's twenty years to date, he and his staff have been subjected to a range of threats, intimidation and assaults, often by public figures who have struggled to accept the notion of media freedom.

But he says the Daily Post has strived to be as fair as possible.

"And we've broken practically every major sensitive story in the country over the last twenty years and the staff should be congratulated for doing that and helping Vanuatu have what is now a free media because without the problems that we went through and exposing government pressure on media, we wouldn't have the freedom that we've got today."

Marc Neil-Jones.