1 Nov 2013

National Park of American Samoa celebrates 25 years

6:39 am on 1 November 2013

Celebrations are being held in American Samoa this week to mark the 25th anniversary of the territory's only national park.

Today the chiefs who represent villages which boundaries lie within the park, and other partners of the park will gather to celebrate the park's accomplishments.

The park's information officer, Michael Larson, says it's also a chance to renew their commitment to preserve and protect the islands' natural heritage.

He says the 36.4 square kilometre park is unique among the network of other parks on mainland America.

"It's the only national park in the national park system which is over 400 sites, it's the only one that's south of the equator and encompasses tropical rain forests, coral reefs, fruit bats, and a rich Samoan culture so it kind of makes it a very significant place."

The National Park's information officer Michael Larson.