2 Nov 2013

Samoa's opposition calls on ombudsman to step in over police probe

5:49 am on 2 November 2013

Uncertainty over a police report about government ministers in Samoa has prompted the opposition leader to call for a new investigation by the ombudsman.

A police officer, Ioapo Isitolo, filed a report last month, alleging the Deputy Prime Minister, Fonotoe Lauofo, instructed an Associate Minister, Muagututagata Peter Ah Him, to drive away as police were trying to conduct a breath test.

The police say they suspected Muagututagata for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The ministers have denied they were at fault, but have welcomed an investigation, which police have now confirmed includes the behaviour of the police officers.

Palusalue Fa'apo says he is concerned about the independence of the probe.

"There should be an independent investigator, if the report from the police is also questioned by the deputy prime minister and the associate minister. So I believe the ombudsman is the right person."

Palusalue Fa'apo.