4 Nov 2013

Family Planning analysis reveals benefits to investing in contraception

4:55 pm on 4 November 2013

The New Zealand organisation, Family Planning, says investing in contraceptive services in Kiribati could save the country millions of dollars, in addition to improving sexual and reproductive health.

The organisation has just completed a cost-benefit analysis of increasing access to family planning in Kiribati, which it says has some of the poorest access in the Pacific.

Family Planning researcher, Jacob Daube, says the analysis indicates there is likely to be a substantial return on every dollar spent on meeting Kiribati's need for contraception.

Mr Daube says it would mean health and education savings of about 17-million US dollars over 15-years.

"What we have costed is the direct cost of providing contraception, so that's the cost of the commodity, the shipping to get it to Kiribati, the handling, the distribution, any other equipment you might need to provide that contraception and also the staff costs like administration and the nurses' time."

Jacob Daube says Family Planning has run similar studies in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, which have also shown benefits.