4 Nov 2013

American Samoa facing drug charges to trial after more than 2 years

7:25 pm on 4 November 2013

An American Samoa resident arrested in Pago Pago more than two years ago and taken to Honolulu to face federal charges in a major drug case, will go to court later this month along with co-defendants, including other Samoans.

Kaisa Tai along with younger brother Louis Tai were both arrested in the territory in June 2011 and taken to Honolulu by federal agents.

Their older brother, John Tai - who is described by federal prosecutors as the head of a drug trafficking organisation - was arrested later that year in California and taken to Honolulu.

Louis and John Tai both entered into separate plea agreements with prosecutors and their sentencing has been postponed until February next year.

But Kaisa Tai and ten other defendants are fighting the charges with an estimated eight week long jury trial now set to begin in two weeks.