6 Nov 2013

PNG landowners hamper access to landslide zone

6:11 am on 6 November 2013

Papua New Guinea police say clean-up efforts at the site of a landslide in the Highlands region have been hampered by disgruntled landowners.

Emergency services are heading towards Kenagi village after the landslide tore through the area following torrential rain late on Saturday evening.

Police say two bodies have been recovered but at least seven people are still unaccounted for.

The chief of police in the Eastern Highlands province, John Kale, says getting access has been made difficult by some landowners who are unhappy with local and central government.

"Vehicles could not pass and the villagers there are stopping anyone [getting] to the landslip area because the bodies are still under the ground and they [villagers] are asking the government for some demands."

John Kale says provincial and central government officials are also heading to the site to speak to the villagers.