6 Nov 2013

Mangaia leaders in Cook Islands take ownership of own affairs

12:06 pm on 6 November 2013

Leaders on Mangaia in the Cook Islands say more effort is going into taking ownership of their own affairs, as they have come to not be able to rely on central government.

An MP and member of the Mangaia Island Council, Tangi Matapo, says water is at critical levels, but outside help hasn't come.

The executive officer of the Mangaia Island government, Ngametua College, says what's really disappointed people is that so much has been promised, but so little delivered.

He says instead of waiting for central government, the island was able to implement it's own water project, which illustrates how important it is for the island to take ownership of their own matters.

"Not to rely so much on governments, that's the message the island government is giving out to our people, not to rely, or not to wait, but to find some alternatives to do something, to do some very important projects that helps us."

Ngametua College says the Mangaia Island government has also undertook it's own coastal road upgrade.