7 Nov 2013

Nauru frustration over refugee media blackout

2:51 pm on 7 November 2013

A former cabinet minister in Nauru says the lack of information from the government about the hundreds of asylum seekers in Australian-run camps on the island is frustrating both for the opposition and the people.

There are about 600 asylum seekers in the camps but little information about them is made public - either by the government or the Australian officials involved.

Mathew Batsiua says the camps are a very significant project for Nauru but the people are not being kept informed.

"You know the information that the people are being told is mainly in terms of what jobs are available and things like that but there is no information in terms of how the facilities are going, in terms of permanent facilities for the people in the centres. How the processing is progressing. Those sorts of things you don't get any information on those."

Mathew Batsiua.

In July the Nauru government said it was close to making public the names of asylum seekers who were found to be refugees but no announcement has been made.