7 Nov 2013

Fiji chief opposes polls but denies goverment ruse

4:37 pm on 7 November 2013

A Fiji chief has confirmed that he has asked the government not to hold elections next year but denies that the local community was misled about it.

The Tui Nasau, Ratu Sake Kaunisela Matavesi, has told Fijivillage that he made the suggestion in a letter of support for the government.

This comes after a political grouping, the United Front for a Democratic Fiji, alleged that the Bainimarama regime was attempting to defraud villagers on the island of Koro to support a strategy not to hold elections promised for next year.

The Tui Nasau says politicians are wrong to say anyone is being misled, adding that all but two people signed the letter.

He also says he knows that the government has decided to have elections and that they welcome that.

The last election was held in 2006 - six months before the last military coup.